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"Finally, a 'do-it-yourself' lip reading program that is both easy to follow, and enjoyable!"
Stephanie Moss,
M.A. CCC Audiologist

"Kleeman has a very original system for identifying Phoneme 'families'.The manual of instruction and practice are imaginative, easy to follow and enjoyable.The exercises are spoken on the video by a variety of people, offering exposure to many different personal speech patterns - (it is) good, fun and challenging. We feel a person who pursues this can improve speechreading skills."

Hearing Loss Magazine
Hearing Loss Association of America

"As a hearing impaired person who relies heavily on speechreading, I found the I See What You Say video enjoyable and engaging.I learned some new tricks for recognizing speech soundson the face and found Ms. Kleeman's use of descriptive terms for individual speech sounds' both informative and easy to remember. I recommend it."
Gloria E. Reich Ph.D.
Editor of Tinnitus Today

"I have moderate-severe hearing loss in one ear. This program has helped me better understand people in noisy situations, such as in the classroom or in restaurants. I especially liked the interesting practice exercises, which I review occasionally to sharpen my skills."
Jane Goold-Caulfield, Teacher

"I am not hearing impaired, but I am the wife of someone who is. I cope and sympathize with the stress entailed in communicating. This program is very well done. I am really impressed and plan to encourage my husband since it will, I am sure, enhance the quality of the life we share. Thank you."
Gertrude Hedrix, The Hearing Journal (Self Help for Hard of Hearing - Member)

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"I See What You Say"
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