Learn Lip Reading

Help for Hearing Loss


Who Can Benefit from "I See What You Say"?


The program has a self test of lip reading ability in both noisy and quiet environments.


This "I See What You Say" speechreading program provides helpful guidelines for families or friends to communicate better with a someone with hearing loss.


Whether you use hearing aids or not, learning to see what others say is a powerful aid to better hearing.


Sixteen speakers are presented in the lipreading activities.


Can you benefit?


Do you have to keep turning up the TV and Radio?


Do you have to ask people to repeat what they say?


Do you have a hard time understanding when there is background noise?


Do you find speech distorted even with your hearing aid?


This program can help you!



I See What You Say

One hour DVD
with 60 page interactive handbook

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"I See What You Say"
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